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Liability and loss of income coverage for all homesharing and short-term rentals.


Our Service

Your property owners want to be protected. Whether it’s their property, their income, or their guests, property owners are the most at risk when it comes to homesharing and short-term rentals. But short-term rental insurance is often overly complicated, costs too much, or is too big of a hassle.

Here at Comet, we are working with the insurance industry to create the only automated short-term rental insurance tailored for homesharing, vacation rentals, and more. For property managers and homesharing platforms, integration is easy. We work with your hosts to get them set up, and work with you to link any booking channel to our platform.

We can handle all sign-up, payments, account management, and communications directly with your hosts so you can offer seamless protection. Sign up to learn more about Comet and how we are helping thousands of hosts and property managers across the country!

Cross-Platform Service

Do you rent across multiple platforms? No problem! Comet is able to operate across any short-term rental or homesharing channel and can recognize when you’ve booked a guest once the channel is linked. Our technology helps you manage your listings and platforms easily so you only pay when you are booked!

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Our automated process and easy onboarding will allow property managers to offer affordable short-term rental protection for all of their customers.